LNMP – A tool to auto-compile & install & manage Nginx+MySQL+PHP on Linux

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LNMP is a tool to auto-compile & install & manage Nginx+MySQL+PHP on Linux.

The current version : 0.3 ,Now support Linux distribution : CentOS 4.8~5.4 32/64bit,  Debian 4.0~5.0  32bit/64bit ,Ubuntu.

The programme installed in LNMP:
Zend Optimizer:3.3.9

Installation Guide: Read more

UnixBench – Test the performance of your Linux VPS

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UnixBench provides a basic indicator of the performance of a Unix-like system. Multiple tests are used to test various aspects of the system’s performance. These test results are then compared to the scores from a baseline system to produce an index value, which is generally easier to handle than the raw scores. The entire set of index values is then combined to make an overall index for the system. Some very simple graphics tests are included to measure the 2D and 3D graphics performance of the system. Multi-CPU systems are handled. If your system has multiple CPUs, the default behaviour is to run the selected tests twice: once with one copy of each test program running at a time, and once with N copies, where N is the number of CPUs.

UnixBench 4.10 Download url:http://soft.vpser.net/test/unixbench/unixbench-4.1.0-wht.tar.gz

[root@noc ~]# wget http://soft.vpser.net/test/unixbench/unixbench-4.1.0-wht.tar.gz

[root@noc ~]# tar xzf unixbench-4.1.0-wht.tar.gz
[root@noc ~]# ls
unixbench-4.1.0-wht-2  unixbench-4.1.0-wht.tar.gz

[root@noc ~]# cd unixbench-4.1.0-wht-2/
[root@noc unixbench-4.1.0-wht-2]# make

[root@noc unixbench-4.1.0-wht-2]# ./Run

Run UnixBench shows: Read more